VOGUE NIÑOS # Spring 2013

Special thanks to Vogue Niños! Check out the last issue. :)

Espía moda

Surf story
Photo: Mónica Suárez de Tangil
Realization: Ana Tovar



about Act by Bobo

Since its beginnings, BOBO CHOSES searched for a special
coherence between the brand’s spirit, its business, and corporate
social responsibility. With this philosophy,
was founded in 2011 in order to financially assist several
social related projects.

One of these projects is Ayitimoun Yo, a small NGO
founded in 2009 by Lucia and Alexis, which runs a children
orphanage in Haiti. The country was devastated by an earthquake
in 2010 and many children were left homeless. The work this NGO
does is as admirable and necessary, so we are very happy
to collaborate with them and to contribute to their prosperity
in this project.

You too can become part of this wonderful iniciative!
Know how



Check out the latest issue of Doolittle Magazine about friendship. Lovely! ;)

"T'es ma meilleure copine"
Photos: Nicolas Aristidou
Director: Anne-Charlotte
Assistant: Julie Nivert
Text: Vincent Doriac

MAGAZINE # March 3rd

Our madras skirt featured at Magazine by La Vanguardia :)

Tendencias Mini
Photography: Carlos González Amesto

MILK #39

Thank you Milk Magazine for these photographic reports about the fashion items of the season.

Candy Stripes
Photos: Delphine Chanet
Style: Hélène Lahalle

Photos: Tobias Zarius
Syle: Sanda Cacaud 

Cola Cao Ad 2013

Our sweat shirt zip featured in the ad of "Cola Cao"!

Cola Cao - Promoción TriSkate (Nutrexpa)

WIRELTERN # March 2013

Thanks to Wireltern!


RAGS + PAPER # March

Check out the Fashion and Lifestyle Journal, RAGS + PAPER. Thanks Krystle ;)
Off The Rails With:
Laia Aguilar Huguet // Designer & Creative Director // Bobo Choses
What was your best buy this season?
A pair of Homers Shoes (photo)
What three items can you not live without?
My notebooks, a pen and my iPhone.
What item in your wardrobe is your signature piece?
Cotton T-shirts
What is your favourite colour?
I don’t have a favourite colour…always changes! But I hate the colour lime ;-)
What is your favourite Season?
Spring - Autumn
Photo Credits:
Coat | Bimba & Lola
Shoes | Homers
Jeans | Sandro
T-Shirts | H&M
Red Shirt | Zara
Scarf | Urban Outfitters
Necklace | Merci Paris
Handbag | Bobo Choses
Knitted Jumper | Massimo Dutti